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Frozen Pipes: Signs You Need to Call a Pro

Last updated 2 years ago

Frozen pipes can be an unfortunate result of winter weather. When pipes freeze, they can cause not only minor issues and interruptions in water use, but also major emergency plumbing problems, like burst pipes and flooding.

Read the following overview to learn about some of the signs of frozen pipes. After familiarizing yourself with these symptoms, you will know when it’s time to contact professional plumbers

  • No water service: A clear sign of a frozen water line is a lack of water at a particular outlet or faucet. Sometimes freezing is localized and you may have only one affected plumbing fixture. However, main pipes can also freeze, leaving your whole home without water.
  • Water hammer: Frozen pipes build up water pressure behind the blockage, and when service resumes, you may hear what is called “water hammer.” This term describes the shockwaves created as pent-up water moves through your plumbing, which sounds distinctly different from noisy piping. Water hammer can indicate a recently thawed pipe, which may need attention from a plumber to assess potential damage; keep an eye out for signs of leaks around your home.
  • Burst pipes: The worst result of frozen plumbing are burst pipes. Water expands but does not compress when it freezes; however, expanding ice isn’t always the direct cause of a burst or cracked pipe. Water pressure will continue to build behind the ice, and when it has nowhere else to go, it simply breaks through the plumbing. In most cases, homeowners can readily recognize the signs of a burst pipe, especially if it leads to severe flooding. An unusually high water bill may also be an indicator of a burst pipe.

Contact New Canadian Drain & Plumbing at the first signs of frozen water pipes. We offer emergency plumbing services for all the issues frozen pipes can cause. Visit us online or call us at (416) 651-2990 to schedule an appointment.


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